Tuesday, November 2, 2010

UnDead Walking

I was so excited for my tutorial yesterday, that I forgot to post pictures of our Halloween. And we went all out this year. Here is the topary I made earlier this season gracing our front walkway.
 As S said he went completely Martha this year. And I have to admit he kind of did. I only helped with a few things. He and Mouse love to decorate for this season. They made some beautiful luminaries. The first ones where made using mason jars and tissue paper and my favorite ModPodge! Then he cut out face he printed of the computer.
The next set of luminaries he made was out of a two liter bottle and poster board. He then cut out words, wrapped ribbon or glued on masks.
Then we carved some pumpkins. We did this completely last minute, this year just got away from us. Mouse hates the inside guts of the pumpkin. So she did one and that was about it. But she has fun picking out and designing the faces on them. We did a cat (every year), vampire and a smiley face. Then this year we did the word Boo on the white one.
 I painted the rotting one with a B since none of us wanted to try carving the mushy thing.
Grandpa and Mouse also filled pumpkin plastic bags with leaves. Our goal was to mark a clear path to the door so kids would stay off the patio. We have a fear of falling children with skinned up shins. We also have a small pond by our front door that we want to keep the kids away from. Since every year some child falls in it. Seriously it is three feet by two feet and not that close to the side walk but every year some kid takes a header into the pond. Our designed kind of worked, no one fell into the pond but the lighted patio was to much like a stage for some kids to resist. Here was our finished front yard: 

So you might be asking your self why was the post entitled "Undead Walking"... Well I haven't got to the costume portion yet. This year Mouse decided to be Frankenstein (which is her cat's name). I refashioned a boys suit with some rips and tulle. You can't see it in the picture really well but the back has tulle going from the neck to into tails with a red ribbon holding it down. Then I dyed a shirt green and added green and black striped socks. The hat was out of a Monster store bought costume set.
This year the whole family was invited to a Halloween Party. So S and I went as Zombie Prom Dates. So all of us where some form of UnDead Creatures. For our costumes I took a thrifted dress and turned it inside out the line was a sold grey instead of the floral print of the outside. Then I made some slits along the bottom and added strips of tulle, black lace and white lace. Then along the top I added some ruffles of the same fabric. For S costume I just took one of his old shirts and cut up the arms. For the black and red I used an ink pad. Then his pants were cut up on the bottom.
Hope you all had a fun Halloween too.
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