Monday, November 1, 2010

Ruffle Shirt Tutorial

So I did get that shirt done this weekend. It was soo easy to make, I think it took me maybe 2 hours and that was taking a break for breakfast. I bought a new white tee at Target. I wanted to make an angled ruffle (one to cover the stupid little pocket that is on this shirt and two because I like the angle).
Then I took two old white t-shirts that I was going to throw away. I cut the old ones into 5 inch wide stripes.
I laid out the strips to see where I wanted them. Then I ran them through the sewing machine at the longest stitch setting. Pulling the top string, I gathered each strip. and the relaid it out on the shirt and pinned them in place.  
Then I ran the whole thing through the sewing machine on the normal setting. And here is the final product. I am very excited on how it turned out.
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