Friday, November 12, 2010

Inspire Me Fridays

I have a few sweaters that I received or bought in the last week or so that are ok but need a little tweaking before wearing. Which is great because there is so much out there in the blogging world to inspire me to make these so-so sweaters into greatness.
This first one I have been in love with for weeks! 
Ruffles and Stuff
The ribbon adds such a nice feminine touch. I received a green striped sweater a few weeks a go. That is just not quite my style but I saw potential in it to try this. The sweater has black (I thought navy blue but sadly it is black) edging on the waist and sleeves. My goal is to make it into a cardigan and add some black satin ribbon to the top like this one. Then a hook and eye in the center to close it. 
Now for my next redo, I want to do something like this. I bought a black and white damask (kind of) looking sweater at the Thrift shop yesterday. But the overall pattern is just too much for me. It needs some color to break it up. So I was thinking again to slit the sweater and make it a cardigan like this one. Then for mine I was think of hot pink or red, where this one has yellow. Though I am really starting to like this yellow.
A Lemon Squeezy

I also want to make a purse similar to this. In fact I have been wanting to do this for about 2 years. I have already felted a old sweater, again can I say two years ago! I know, right, get on with it already. But for some reason I just never make it. So this is the year people, hold me accountable that I get this purse made. It is a simple design, I don't know why I am so putsy about it. 
I also really want to find a chunky cable knit sweater to make this pillow. I have loved this style for so long and again never get around to making it. So again yell at me if you don't see this pillow getting made in the next few months. (I know I said months but really it's the holidays, or close to it, it could take awhile)
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