Monday, November 8, 2010

First Wedding Session

This weekend was crazy busy for me and my family. My little brother got MARRIED! His new wife (still so weird saying that) and him picked the Zoo's conservatory for their ceremony location. Then they had their reception at a local hotel. The hotel was amazing with ponds and live ducks. And in case you were wondering there were 7 ducks, Mouse counted and named them while we were there.
Their wedding was my first photography wedding session. I have done family, children and engagement sessions before but this was my first wedding. I was soo nervous. At least with someone I don't know if I screw up I don't have to hear about it forever. But with my brother, I will see him again!
But I think they turned out ok.. Here is a sneak peak of their wedding. I still have to edit the formal shots of them and the wedding party.

A little happy to finally be married, you think? And yes I still have to edit the red eyes out.

This last one is one of my favorites. Mouse has been in love with the one on the left since she was a baby. She would draw Timmy (what she calls him) in all of her family photos. Tim and Jake (my brother) have been friends since high school, then college roommates, then after college roommates. And this picture is so nice to see how my brother's friends include Mouse as one of their own. They are all so good to her.
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