Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Slowing Down

The other day while driving how from church, Mouse piped up from the backseat "That is beautiful!" Both S and I looked around to see what she was referring to. Then she pointed out a tree with it's yellow leaves cascading to the ground. Yes, Mouse your right that is beautiful.
It takes the wonder of child to pull me back from the day to day living that pulls my focus from what is right in front of me. When did we loose the ability to see. I mean really see what is in front of us. I want to be one of those people that sees the beauty around them all the time. God has provided us with such natural beauty.
I love fall! The weather in Minnesota has turned warmer, so we should have been outside and enjoying the changing of the leaves and the crisp air. The trees are bright in their new coats of red, orange and yellow. But this year just seems to be going so fast.
How do you slow down? I need to learn. I have known that for awhile, but I never seem to really accomplish it. I am social butterfly, my calendar is always full and I mark everything in them. Yep that is right we have three calendars. One for the office, one is my personal calendar and one is the family calendar. That might be the problem, I know. I will start adding rest, relaxation and nature time to the calendars, maybe then I will stop. Let it draw my attention to the fact I haven't stopped to just enjoy life.
I hope you stop to enjoy the season.
**Pictures are not mine, please click on the pictures to see the source**
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