Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Afraid of Silence

Those in the light know we die in the dark...
There's only artificial light here
My flaws hide well here
The dark is where I hide. I can hide the flaws I see in myself from those around me and myself. I tell myself I take time to find the silence. But the cluttered noise of life keeps me focused on everything else. Everything else than what I should be focusing on. I stand lost in the road, to many paths reach out for me, unable to find a purpose.
Reminds me of another song, one from my youth...
The woman stands by the road and she cries.. Show me the way.. the way to go home
Jesus stands in the road and he cries..I am the TRUTH, I am the LIGHT and WAY.. way to go HOME.
I believe he is the truth and light of the world. But do I follow? Is he my way HOME? I spend so much time turning from the silence.
I used to be afraid of cluttered noises
Now I'm afraid of silence
I'm scared to death of light and silence...
Glory shows up...
(lyrics: Flyleaf)
That glory shows up when I give time to the Light and Silence. When I shut out me and my plans (noise) and focus on the silence. How can we hear if we have no silence to hear his plans? I am ready to hear, is that why I embrace the dark and cluttered noises. It's time I stop. Go back to being afraid of the dark and start seeking the light. Follow Him Home.
(Pictures are found through google)
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