Monday, September 13, 2010

Towels, New Towels, I got New Towels

I am sure others are not as excited by new kitchen towels as I am. We have needed new towels for the kitchen for ages. When it comes to the basics towels, socks, flip flops... I am sooo cheap. I will buy the cheapest and let them completely run out or get holey before buying new ones to replace them.
But then I found these two beautiful place settings with embroidered birds on them. Two place settings doesn't really work for a family of three, so here are my new towels!
So instead of two place settings that would do me no good, I made towels. Which I did need. How did I make such beautiful towels I am sure you are asking your selves. (Ok it wasn't that hard but humor me please) I cut the bottom 3 inches off the place setting and added it to store bought hand towels, then added some ribbon to the top and bottom. I know, you were thinking this was going to be hard but it was so easy. But, I didn't stop there:
Then I made more towels out of the place settings! I cut squares out of more of the burlap style place settings. Then I embroidered some birdy designs on them. I bought some muslin and cut that into a dish towel size. Do you call the dish towels or drying towels? I always go back and forth on the term. But anyways then I added more of the ribbon to this one also. I do hope these dry as good as they look, a little worried about that. But I googled dish towel material and muslin is what came up for choices, then I called Grandma just to make sure google was right, and she said the same thing. Oh and I didn't stop with four towels, I was a towel making machine this weekend.

I made one more drying or hand towel. Again the same process as the other drying towels, just this time I added it to a store bought hand towel. So my sweet clearanced out place setting became 5 new towels for my kitchen. I think I did quite well.
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