Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Living Room, Familly Room, Sitting Room

Whatever you may call that room in your house that everyone uses. We call ours the living room, it is where we doing the majority of our living. At this time we only have one living room, so it holds the couch, chair, ottoman, TV, tables, toys, etc... everything for our daily lives. Once the basement is done and we have a new living room the TV couch. chair  and ottoman will be moved to the basement. This space will then become the sitting room.
I am so excited about that. But until that time comes I still want to love this room when I sit in it. There are few things in this room that I love. Starting with the curtains, I love the two layers gauzy blue and chocolate brown silk.
My next favorite about this room is the pictures on the wall, I love the mix of pictures. My favorite print is the Lady Shalott. The big tree picture brings the colors of the room together and lends its self towards the natural elements I want to bring in.

I also love the bookshelf, I designed it and my Father-in-Law built it. Now on to what I am not fond of... The color of the walls is not my favorite. I will admit this is the color I chose and it is growing on me. I feel I should keep it, it is bright and I think it is welcoming. I am also not please with the way the pictures are laid out. They need something just not sure what. My other goal is to replace the sconces. I like that these fade into the wall so the pictures are the main focus, but the other part of me says some visually appealing ones would be nice to. Furniture wise I am looking at getting two dark brown leather chairs and then a couch in beige. The pillows will stay from this set to the next. Any ideas, thoughts, on ways I could make some changes, to make this room more inviting would be great!

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