Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Starting over..

I am starting a lot of things over this fall. Starting with blogging again. I have realized that while blogging I seemed to get more done. The accountability I had to the readers (though few) made me get my projects not only started but finished.
Those projects lead to my other piece of starting over. We have lived in the house we built for five years now and I need to make changes. Most of the finished rooms have the basis of what I want but still are not quite right. Then there is the basement we are finally finishing. Then get to decorate, though most of this area will be S's to decorate, I get some say. My goal is to use this blog to document my successes and failures in making this the house I want it to be.
My another area of starting over is that I have just recently started a new job as a Regional Operations Specialist, this is after five years at my last company. Though the blog will have little to do with this part of my life, it is worth mentioning.
The final area that is starting over is with Mouse. Today she is starting a whole new school year and in away she is starting over. Mouse and a few girls have been in class together since pre-school, except this year. For some reason the school put Mouse in a class without any of the girls from before. I am sure the school had a good reason for it but it is still hard to for her. I am trusting God and the teachers to show Mouse what the plan is for her this year.
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