Friday, September 17, 2010

Inspire Me Fridays

I have always decorated the inside of my house for fall. But it wasn't till the last few years that we have taken a look at the outside of our house. Last year S and Mouse made a scarecrow to sit by the door. This year I wanted something fancier. I told S that I would like to have a pumpkin topiary in the front. He immediately responded with what is that?! I told him I wanted to put three pumpkins together going down in size and then securing them with a stick through the center. I also said I might possibly want them in a planter. And for some reason with those limited instructions he still could not visualize my idea. (Really I don't know why)
So I found some great inspiration from the blog world.

Censational Girl
 I love the simplicity of this one. The contrasting colors, its just beautiful! This was what I had in mind when I first thought of this idea. But then we started at looking at all the different ideas out there. 
The Style Sisters
This one is soo fun and whimsical! And of course I would love anything with a cute little bird on top. But that would mean I would have to put one of my cute little birds outside. Not sure if I am ready for that. Not sure if I have the height for this one either. 
Front Porch Ideas
I really did want to put some type of words on the pumpkins like these last two. Liked the polk-a-dot planters for this one. But then we saw this one
The Party Dress

Yep, this is the one! I loved it. It was Halloween and fall mixed together. The black trees with the firefly lights are so beautiful. The swirly branches and the moon gives it the whimsy look I wanted. This will be the one we'll try. Look for a post later on our version of this 
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