Thursday, September 16, 2010

Fall Decor

I love decorating for fall, it is probably my favorite time of year. When we built our house, the builder had this great big ledge put in above the front closet. I knew right away that this would be my holiday decorating location. And it has worked out perfect.
This year for fall, S came up with the idea to put all of our pumpkins in one location. It turned out great! Ok I might be biased in this decision since it was my husband's idea and my final touches but still I think it turned out pretty good.

I added books, jars and candle holders to give each of the pumpkins and gourds their own area. My favorite one is the twig pumpkins. The enamel pumpkin was a gift when we first got married, it has our name carved in it. Most people in S family have one. We always try to make that one the most visible. I need a few more white pumpkins I have decided to finish off the look.

Also have you seen the blue pumpkins? I love them! It is my goal to have a few out by our front door this year. They are so unique looking. I wish they made some fake ones that looked like this.
Happy Fall Decorating to you!
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