Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The last part of our family

These are the last members to our house. Meet Frankie and Aspen two huge cats that run our home.

Aspen the white one is my husband's cat. She is going on ten years old. We got her when we got married to keep my cat company. Aspen was the runt of the litter (not that you could tell that now). She can growl like a dog and liked to play fetch. Now our 23 pound cat mostly sits and as she has aged finally likes to be pet.

Frankie is my daughters cat. And being a true Jellicle cat he has three names: Frankenstein Hunter B..(then our last name). Yep, you hear that right Frankenstein is her cats name. When she got him from the neighbor boy he named it Frankenstein thinking it would annoy her. No way, my monster loving child thought it was great! He has been the best thing for her. She wants to be a Vet when she grows up and would have a house full of animals if we let her. Those commercials were they show the puppies needing homes, has her in tears every time. So she got Frankie, this cat adores her. I have never seen anything like it from a cat. She will call his name at night when she goes to bed and he comes running to her room to sleep with her. When she is gone for the night, he will pace her room meowing. (this part is not fun for those still left in the house) We go to wake Mouse up in the morning and that cat will come running from the other end of the house and lay across her in a way that says let her sleep and she stays with me today.

So there is the last piece to our home
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