Monday, December 7, 2015

Paper Clip Tassels - Tutorial

This year for work we are doing a favorite things gift exchange. This means I needed to buy a gift that represented my favorite things. Since none of my coworkers in this exchange draw I didn't think a sketchbook and pencil set would be the best gift for them. Instead I went for Moleskin mini notebooks. I love mini notebooks that you can throw into any bag.
The notebook was great but I needed a bit more to finish the gift. I decided to make tassel paperclips.
Start with embroidery floss. I cut mine to twice the length I needed. This way I could fold it over and make an even thicker tassel. Take the folded end and slide it through the paperclip to the midway point and fold over the end of the paperclip.
Once at this point to take a small length, I used about two inches of floss and tie it around the rest of the floss as close to the clip as you can. I had Steve hold the clip while I did this part and still needed two hands so I have no pictures. Then wind the floss in opposite directions to make a small base then knot the floss again, cutting off any extra.
Then you are done. I wish I would have made these a bit thicker but I am not sure, small might be better for throwing around in a purse. To finish off the gift I added some gel pens in coordinating colors. I also hope to add some post-it note flags, if  can find ones to match.
~ Cassi
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