Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Birthday Week and December Wants

Friday is my birthday! I love birthdays. This year my wants were pretty low key. Since I just bought a new camera for my business I thought I would keep my wishes a bit on the lower expense side of things.

Steve, Mouse and I went to a bunch of Artist markets and craft fairs this past weekend looking for birthday presents and Christmas gifts. This necklace was one of the items I was looking for but sadly the vendor didn't have any with.
MSP Clothing
Which also happened with this glass too, but their studio is close to work so we are picking it up tomorrow. I am so excited for this tumbler. Steve has a beer glass that says Sota (Minnesota) on it and now I have one for my drinks.
I am also looking at this travel watercolor paint case. Currently I don't travel with full paints but I like the option too. I also love the painting on the front and that it is also from a local artist.
My final Minnesota maker want is this warm scarf. I don't any of these button style scarfs but I really like the look of them and I think I would especially like them in winter. They seem so warm and won't come unwound from my neck or add bulk under my coat.
So that is it my Minnesota Birthday wants.

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