Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Dessert Exchange

This week at work we have both a dessert exchange and a favorite things exchange. I am so excited about both.
Today is the dessert exchange with our larger team. I made my Coconut Marshmallows. The recipe links you to the plain vanilla marshmallows, just replace half the vanilla with coconut extract.
Yes, the picture is upside down. It won't change as much as I tried.
Then I made Salted Whiskey Caramels. They are two of my favorite treats to make. The caramels did not turn out well this year. The first batch stuck to the wax paper, so Steve decided to get them really cold to see of we could get the wax paper off that way. Nope, went to cut them and they shattered.
The next batch I made on greased parchment paper, well, I might have added a bit to much PAM spray to the paper. They are a bit greasy but, they taste great.
Next time I know not to put so much spray on the paper.
Now I am off to taste the treats from everyone else.
~ Cassi 
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