Monday, October 19, 2015

DIY Name Tags

 When you are planning a workshop for a bunch of women, you know you need to have cute stuff. If those when are bible journalors, so you know they are visual by nature, then you really need to step up your game. One of the areas I knew I could make look cute for them was with the name tags. I wanted to represent what we do within the name tag and at the same time keep to the color theme I was going with. Thankfully Shanna so graciously offered the Illustrated Faith lanyards so all I needed to make was the inserts for the name badge.
I started with card stock in pink and orange cut down to fit in the badges. I added the smeared paint to half the tags, I thought this looked like Shanna’s style of bible journaling.
But I couldn’t stop there, I wanted to add some layers to the tags. I started with cutting up a paper doily, using double stick tape I adhered it to the tag. Then across the bottom I added some washi tape in gold stripes. Because, who doesn’t love washi tape.
In the end I added some felt flowers to the tags, once those were added the tags finally seemed done to me. I think they went over pretty good. 
~ Cassi

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