Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Love of the Game

The past few years Mouse has been a volleyball girl, but in Jr High volleyball changes. We were told she would need to join traveling Volleyball in order to make the team. Traveling volleyball meets are on the weekend, the same time as her community theatre group. That means Mouse had to make a decision on volleyball or theatre. Theatre won! But that left her with needing to pick out a sport. Yes, I am a mean Mom who says she has to stay well rounded so she needs to participate in a sport each year. She chose tennis.
Seriously this might have been the best decision she ever made. She is loving it! Our town has a small team of girls that play, so the Jr High girls are on the team with the High Schoolers. The seventh graders like Mouse are on the C squad but they still practice and learn from the JV and Varsity girls. Their leadership and teamwork was great and Mouse loved the team environment. I loved how the older girls really helped out and included the younger ones.  
The other great thing is how well Mouse is playing. For her first time holding a racket since pre-school tennis lessons, she is winning matches already. She took quickly to the rules and strategy of the game. As this season is coming to an end, I am excited to see what next year will bring for her.  
~ Cassi

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