Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Bible Journaling the Begining

 I have been asked how I got into Bible journaling. God has this round about way of pulling people in the direction they need to head.
To start; I want to attend a Christian blogging conference. But, since family vacations take precedence over the budget (family first). I stalk all the conferences on social media. My favorite is the Influence Network. Last year during their conference I saw a few of the people I already follow on Instagram mention Amy Lou.
 Which means I had to check her out. And that is when I saw it #amyslunchbreakswithjesus. She had a whole hashtag on this thing she called bible journaling.
Her gorgeous Bible. It was the first time I saw someone color in their Bible. It was like God kind of smacked me upside the head. Reading the Bible can be more than I was making it. Which was barely at all. This suddenly opened up a whole new world, leading me to #biblejournaling and then to Illustrated Faith.
Now Amy has her own devotional through Illustrated Faith.
By the way she has no idea I am writing this, nor does she know who I am. Which may or may not make this post some what creepy. It just goes to show how great social media can be in spreading God's word. She was 'Courageous' enough to post about her time spent in the word, that it prompted me to get back into it.
From the excitement it pushed me to reach out to Shanna Noel to teach a Minnesota Bible Journaling Workshop!!
The movement kept going and I have now opened a shop (Bright Forest Studio) of Hymnal Art. I hope someone sees something beautiful that opens their heart to God's calling.
What will it push you to do?
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