Wednesday, August 19, 2015


Mouse and her Grandpa have many things in common but one that has really grown is their love for agates. I tease my parents about being hippies before I was born. My Dad use to make jewelry from rocks and sell them. My story says out of the back of a van, not sure where I got that part from but I have always said it. When I say rocks I am not meaning the hippy rocks.
I mean beautiful polished stones with filigree settings. Or tiger-eye bracelets set in perfect circles.
My parents never really made or sold any that I can remember after I was born, but they kept all of the rocks and equipment (yes a bit hoarders but that is a different post). Mouse and them have spent hours going through the bin of rocks to look at the different shades and textures of each piece.
While in Canada Mouse loved seeing all of the rocks and agates at the souvenir shops a long the way.
Which prompted me to try my hand at painting these beautiful stones.
The process is fun and you get to sprinkle salt on the wet paint and watch it change the pattern. It is a bit science and a bit art. I think I will continue.
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