Monday, July 20, 2015

Camping with Cousins

  This weekend Mouse was able to spend some quality time with her Great Aunt and Uncle and her cousins from Arizona. This past winter they were up and these three hit it off. So when she heard they were coming up to visit for a few weeks, she invited herself along on their camping trip.
It amazes me how close these three are. They rarely see each other and yet they act like siblings. The oldest being 16 and the youngest 11, with Mouse in the middle at 12. They never fought all weekend.
It was also great that the three of them were up for anything. We went shopping at the Amish farms in southern Minnesota. I thought they would get bored very quickly with this, but it was the adults that said we were done.
We also went tubing down the Root River. That is always an amusing time of dodge fallen trees. The kids went tubing twice and kayaking once. Then our last day we went for a long hike through the woods along Camper Creek.
We took these Arizona boys geocaching too. They loved it, though they didn't love the mosquitoes or wood ticks. We love camping but it was made even better with family. 
~ Cassi

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