Wednesday, July 22, 2015

But it does Matter

I don't really use this blog to discuss hot topic issues such as racism, gay marriage or the Kardashians (which I just had to look up in order to spell). Mostly because I do not care at all for the Kardashians, seriously who decided they were news??
But I don't share on the other topics not because I don't have an opinion or that I am scared to. I don't share because I don't find this the right forum to address such issues. Social media is a giant mask that people wear to voice opinions in angered voices that they would otherwise not.
I want to have these talks but I want to do it face to face. I want to have talks that first come from love and mutual respect. Can you get that through blogs, Facebook or Twitter? I don't feel like you can.
But there is one area I do want to address. This past week I have heard it mentioned more than once "If it doesn't directly effect me than I shouldn't care"! This sentence makes me cringe. What a slippery slope that is. Yes, it worked good for Mom to say to two tattling children, but it is not good for society.
To give an extreme example poverty. Poverty doesn't directly effect me. Steve and I have a home, food and pay our bills. I could say I don't care about poverty because it doesn't directly effect me. That makes me sad just writing it. YUCK! Because the truth is I care about poverty a lot and we all should. Because how are we suppose to make a difference in global poverty if no one cares.
If you are for or against any of the hot topics, I am happy for you. You have taken a stand and decided this is where I draw the line. That is GREAT! Even if I don't agree with you. It makes me happy to know that you care. We need to care.
Because one day you may wake up and realize it now effects you and it's to late. So go research, ask questions, find reliable sources, pray, do what you need to do to decide where you are on these issues.  Change is made through people caring about the outcome.
~ Cassi
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