Monday, June 15, 2015


Steve and I are off on an exciting quick trip to Vegas! Thankful we have family close that can come and stay with Mouse and the cats. So when my work asked me to attend a conference in Vegas we could turn it into a 15 year anniversary trip.
Neither of us have been there. We are excited to see the various hotels, fountains and gardens. We are also very excited to try the food. We have been spending every other night for the past week checking out restaurants in the area. The other nights we have been binging on Vegas movies.
Mouse now loves the Oceans movies, I mean who doesn't! Not that any of those movies portray real Vegas but it was fun. Even though I am not a comedy fan I still laugh over the Hangover.
So off we go, we are just about to board the plane. Here's to 107 degree weather and 50 degree casinos. Wish us luck, hoping the dollar slots pay off.
~ Cassi

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