Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Taking Time Away

We took a long weekend and headed to sunny Florida for some family time. It couldn't have come at a better time, Steve and I both have been so busy with work and all of us with outside commitments that this was needed. 
We headed to Cabana Bay Resort, part of Universal Studios. It is such a great hotel for families. There was four pools, activities and a frozen yogurt bar. Not that we spent too much time here, we did come for the park.
We were all very excited to see Diagon Alley, the new addition to Harry Potter World. We all thought the Gringots ride was fun, but Steve says the Castle ride is still better. Universal does an amazing job developing the world. You truly feel like you are on set for the movie.
One of the most intense 3D rides was the Transformer one. It was the only ride were I thought I might get sick. Mouse loved it!! Our least favorite ride was Twister, talk about boring! We also enjoyed the Mummy ride, that one was also fast paced, in one part your ride goes backwards which was cool. 
We also did dinners out and had some great meals. I have never been a Hard Rock fan but their restaurant The Kitchen was very good, the homemade loaded potato chips were excellent. We also tried Emril's Tchoup Chop. They decor there was beautiful but the food was just so so. The best was the shishito peppers with sea salt. 
But all good trips must come to an end. So off we go back to Minnesota and home. 
Bye for now

~ Cassi

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