Sunday, March 15, 2015

She Really Liked It

This past week I posted one of my lettering doodles on Instagram and Facebook. This is pretty normal for me. I am part of a Facebook group called Bible Journaling started by Shanna Noel from Illustrated Faith. I have loved being able mix art and faith together. 
But this week was a high light. When I shared this picture one of personal role models asked if I would make her a copy. I have to admit I jumped up and did the happy dance. That might be because I have been watching way to many Friends episodes, oh Chandler you still make me laugh. But, it's also because she liked it, this woman I have always looked to as the one to aspire too, liked something inspirational that I did. And she wants to use it in a talk she is giving on Speaking Life. She has such a powerful gift from God to inspire women to be who they truly are that I am so blessed to be in a small way a part of that. Here is her copy.
I can't wait to hear her talk and as always watch God's power in her. He has given her the gift of being authentic and true in life's messes and in its blessings. And I thank him for that.
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