Monday, January 19, 2015

Three Kinds of Sparkle and Some Cranberries too.

It's a little past Christmas but I still wanted to share recipes just the same. Cranberries was a bit of a theme for me this Christmas. First, I love them and second, they are so pretty. 

I started the theme when I saw this recipe on Pinterest and knew I had to try it. 
Then I made a few adjustments to it.  
I changed out the white grape juice for sparkling and the club soda for a Cava. I am so glad I made the changes. The bubbles were a great addition. The white sangria was so good and last to the next day. 

I also loved the sparkling rosemary used as a garnish. You can find how to do this at the end of the recipe above. My daughter ate the rosemary with sugar and said it was good. But I just loved the look of the rosemary. 

The final sparkle and the best snack we had at Christmas were these sugared cranberries.  I followed the recipe exactly on this one. And I will be making these again. Every one loved them and Mouse and I snacked on them for days. 

Hope you enjoyed some after Christmas sparkle. 
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