Monday, December 22, 2014

Christmas's Past

Our little angel. How the years have flown by.
It seems like just yesterday we were celebrating your first Christmas. I know, that is what all parents say. But when you are hitting your last elementary school Christmas, you know the magic is almost gone. We’ve been able to hold on to a bit longer than most.

There is something about Christmas that materialism has gotten right. Its promoted the wonder and mystery of it. I will miss they day she doesn’t go big eyed at the presents under the tree. When the idea of decorating that same tree with Mom and Dad is now boring. I will miss the times we cuddled on the couch to watch one more Christmas show. (OK, they might be Dr. Who Christmas Specials, but still.)

But for now, I will cherish them, because I know they will not last. I will make one more cup of tea for each of us. I will grudgingly watch "Santa Paws" (OK, I may cook dinner through that one, it’s so bad, but she loves it) We will read through the Christmas Carol, the Night Before Christmas and the True Christmas story before this year is out.

And I will take more pictures.

I will remember this year.

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