Wednesday, October 15, 2014


Our 2nd annual neighborhood Oktoberfest was this past weekend. We have a very tight knit neighborhood where mass get-togethers are nothing out of the norm. But this one is one of my favorite of the year. Why?
Because of the picture above.
A local butcher in our area makes 110 different flavors of brats. Yes, that's right 110 flavors ranging from Raspberry Chipotle to Jalapeno Cheddar to my favorite Whiskey Peppercorn. They also make Gummy Bear and Skittles, which I will never try. That is just too weird, but I have heard people really like them.
All the families also bring a dish to pass.
We also all bring some kind of 6 pack of beer or hard cider to try, it is after all Oktoberfest.
The kids run rampant all day and the adults hang out and chat.
Its a nice way to start fall.
~ Cassi
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