Monday, October 27, 2014

Long Road

The news came through last week that I need to head back to the doctors. The physical therapy has been helping my hip, which is such great news. But, it has been doing little to help my shoulder.
The deltoid muscle is still extremely sore to the touch.
They powers that be have decided to do a MRI of the shoulder.
In some ways I feel like this should have been down a while ago, but I know they wanted to see if cheaper methods would work.
I am not even sure what they are looking for in the MRI.
I just hope they find something. Three years of wondering what is wrong has been long.
I wish I could say that the road has been as pretty as the one above but it hasn't.
It's been tear-filled, frustrating and long.
I am thankful though it is not that bad.
I can still do most of what I want to, I can still stop of pictures and admire the beauty.
The pain will not take that away.
~ Cassi 

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