Monday, August 4, 2014

Stand up Paddle Boarding

standup paddle boarding, Minnesota, Lakes
Back in February a neighbor A and I were chatting about how much we would love to try out the new Standup Paddle Boarding trend. Casually we mentioned how we should try it out together. Not really thinking to much on it (because winter lasts forever here) we put it out of our minds.
Then the summer community education catalog comes in the mail and guess what it has the paddle boarding in it. We were so excited!
Then we decided to make it a mother daughter night and invited our girls to come with.
standup paddle boarding, Minnesota, Lakes
Here we are (ok, just Mouse, A and her daughter L and some teen we don't know, not pictured me and the teen's mom).  This was out practice were we learned to just get a feel for standing on the board. Mouse at 11 and L at 9 took to it so well. They never fell off once. Truthfully, I was the only one to fall off, don't sneeze and paddle. 
standup paddle boarding, Minnesota, Lakes
We did a long hike around the shore of our city lake. It was so much fun and not as hard as I thought it would be on me. I think all of us agreed our feet were the most tired by the end of the night.
standup paddle boarding, Minnesota, Lakes
Mouse and I can't wait to rent them again and go out some more. We will definitely be making this a summer activity.
~ Cassi
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