Wednesday, August 27, 2014

August Wants

I know August is almost over and I am just now getting around to my wants list. I think that this American culture of new school clothes shopping embeds in us this desire for new things come August, because I want all sorts of stuff right now. But for the sake of shorter blog post I will limit it to just a few.

I am in love with this typography print from Fancy That Design House on Etsy. I am not even sure where I would put it at this point but I know I need to have it.

I really love all three of these vintage sheets from Stephanie D's shop on Etsy. I love vintage sheets, they just feel so soft (Yes, I know that it's because they are worn but I still love them). I am looking for both fitted and plain for the camper beds. And maybe some blue ones for our bedroom.
I have plenty of projects I need to get done but when I saw this pattern I thought I should probably have one more. Is this tree not the cutest from Cozy Blue on Etsy.
And because no want list is complete without something related to Sherlock Holmes. I had to throw this necklace in from Fragile Elite Design on Etsy. I love when people quote the book and not the movies or TV show.
What are you wanting this fall?
~ Cassi
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