Monday, June 23, 2014

Oh a camping we will go

Two weeks ago we spend the weekend out on our first camping trip of the summer. I love our decision that we made three years ago to buy a camper and spend more quality time together as a family. For that past two years we have gone around every other weekend camping through out Minnesota's short summer. It has been amazing.
It is such a time for us to unplug and get away. It's a time for us to listen. To truly hear what is on this little ones mind. As the days move forward and the year progress (whether I want them to or not) she will move from attached child to independent women.  
It is my hope through these trips that we establish a baseline of memories that will reminder we are here for her. That we took the time to invest in her childhood. That we want to know her, not just the superficial "School was fine" but the deep. To find out where her heart is.  
To be able to say I am here and I love you in more than words. That is why we camp.
~ Cassi

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