Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Gull Lake Dam Recreation Center ~ Review

Monday I talked about why we camp today I wanted to chat about where we camped. This is mostly for those Minnesotans that read the blog or those looking to camp here.
Brainerd Lakes, Nisswa, Camping, Gull Fish Dam
The campground itself was pretty good, the sites were wooded enough that you didn't feel like you were right on top of one another. The grounds are simple but there is a park and river area that is within walking distance. The main bathrooms are very clean and have hot showers which is always nice. The park rangers put on a talk and activity for the kids each night, Mouse thought it was fun to learn about beaver dams. There is also a beach within a short bike ride from the camp grounds.  
Brainerd Lakes, Nisswa, Camping, Gull Fish Dam
We also found a horseshoe area. Mouse hasn't played before so that was fun teaching her the game. There is also a very long paved trail that leaves right from the campground. But if outdoors stuff isn't what you want to do all weekend, the town of Nisswa is just a few minutes away.  
Brainerd Lakes, Nisswa, Camping, Gull Fish Dam
Nisswa is one of our favorite towns to walk around, get ice cream. This town is also fun for us because of the Gull Fish chain of lakes. It helps we have friends that have a cabin there so we can get out on the water for a bit.
All in all I would recommend this location to others looking to camp in the Brainerd Lakes area.
~ Cassi
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