Monday, May 19, 2014

Our Little Track Star

Mouse wants to be like her Daddy so much. She tries so hard to be in all the sports he was in. It is so cute to watch her. This year she got her wish to compete in a real track meet just like her Dad.
parenting, tween
She competed in hurdles, discus and long jump. Unfortunately I missed a picture of her long jump. But I love this picture of her in the last leg of the hurdles.  
parenting, tween
Watching her do the discus was not my favorite. In junior high I did track once and only once, because during shot-put I was hit in the head with one. Yes, I know crazy story but ever since I can't get close to a track field without getting heebie-jeebies. Then I went and married a track star and had a daughter who wants to be just like him.
parenting, tween
She didn't place in any of the events but she had a good time. And it was great seeing her really try.
~ Cassi

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