Monday, April 21, 2014

Three Lessons of Date Night

marriage, date night
After almost 14 years of marriage Steve and I still make time for date night. It wasn't something we planned for when we first started out in marriage. But after everything that went down a few years ago we now make time. And I think we've learned a bit about how to make date night work.
First: Start off excited. I know this sounds kind of silly, but its true. Whether the date is just a trip with out kids to the grocery store or a five star restaurant, either way get exited.

Second: be willing to compromise. As in I am not a sushi fan at all, but Steve is so I am willing to suck it up once in a while for him. Because I know he will do the same for me, Indian food, YUM!

Third: Sometimes its just about giving in. It may have taken Steve 14 years to quit buying white tennis shoes,  but he finally got hint. I have white tennis shoes, so he bought new grey ones, just to make me happy.
Yep, I think we have started to figure out this date night thing.
~ Cassi

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