Wednesday, March 12, 2014

New job

I started a new job in Oct, working at an Eating Disorder clinic. So far I have overall loved it. Working in the mental health field is so different than any other job I have had. You truly feel like your co-workers care about you and your family.
So last week when it was announced that due to decline in clients we could drop some hours to help out, I at first freaked out. Because, I am use to "you are just a number" type company, but after long talks with my boss, I am at peace with it.
And truly enjoying an afternoon off, especially when this one is home on spring break.  
Then today, she accompanied me to work. Yes, they are ok with that too. It seriously is a great place. Her and I have a dinner date and night at the Children's Theatre.
So thankful for a job that understands the importance of family.
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