Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Hand-Lettering Class

handlettering, typography
One day while flipping through instagram I saw a picture similar to my above picture it was from Leslie (over at Recipe for Crazy) she posted about a hand-lettering class she was taking on Skillshare. I was so excited about I signed right up. The class is taught via videos by Mary Kate McDevitt. McDevitt is a casual teacher and really walks you through more the basics in design and layout. If you want a "how do I draw an A" this class wouldn't be where I start. But I really liked her discussion on making a mood board to help decide the style of your quote.  
handlettering, typography
She asked us to pick a quote that means something to us. Then decide on the feel of the design. I wanted to go with an old school book feel to my quote. You start with a lot of sketches to get the ideas going for all the pieces. Then work on a final sketch of the whole design.  
handlettering, typography
Then from the final sketch you make an inked version. I have to say this took me a few tries to get the lines nice and straight. I still need to work on this part.  
handlettering, typography
That is where her first class ends. Her next class teaches you how to take that inked sketch and turn it into a digital print. I thought I would give it a try without the class. And I am happy with how it turned out but I will be taking the class. There has to be easier and better ways to do it than I did.
If you are looking for a class I would highly recommend Skillshare for s quick and budget friendly source.
~ Cassi

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