Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Struggling with School

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We have been struggling with Mouse and school since the very beginning it seems like.
First, we had her vision issues to get through. That took years to work through but when we came out on the other side of that we really thought we'd seen mass improvement.
And we did, don't get me wrong, vision therapy for Mouse was one of the best things to happen to her and us. She went from minimal reading ability to non-stop reading. It is a true joy to see her get into the books.
What it didn't do, was improve her grades or her desire to do school work.
Last year we struggled with Mouse turning in blank pages during class work time. If she didn't know the answer to the first question she just turned it in blank. Now this year she is filling out the questions but not really taking the time to read the question. So most of her work is coming back wrong.
We have tried so many ideas to make things better tutoring, rewards, punishment, extra work books, fun learning games and nothing seems to work.
So I am reaching out to you my blog readers, do you have ideas? Have you dealt with this? What do we try next?
~ Cassi

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  1. Cassi: I have no practical tips. Just know that we have been on our own journey with our kids seeking to help them excel. You are great parents, and you are doing the right thing to keep discerning. What I can add is prayer. I said a prayer for you around this issue today. God loves your daughter more than you do. He will guide you.


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