Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Potter Surprise!

For Christmas this year, Steve and I gave Mouse the surprise of her life. She has for years been asking to go to Harry Potter world at Universal Studio's and we have been saying no due to other trips. But the week before Christmas Steve found out he has to travel to Orlando for work so with his airfare and the hotel covered, we couldn't pass up a trip. 
This got us started on how best to give her the news. After Googling some options I went with the standard Hogwarts acceptance letter made out to her giving her term starting the day we leave for Florida. For the letter I used this option. 
I also printed out a ticket for Hogwarts Express using this site. 
But she really understood once she read her list of requirements for school, which included asking Mom and Dad for plane tickets to Orlando and tickets to Universal Studio's Harry Potter World
She was speechless and is still giggling about the upcoming trip. 

~ Cassi

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  1. That is so exciting! And, how fun to be able to surprise her with the letter like that. Hope you all enjoy the trip!


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