Monday, November 11, 2013

Loud Weekend

This weekend my church took 6 kids to Jumy's (Jr United Methodist Youth) and in church and mean me and one other chaperons.
It was a fun weekend. The band was good and the kids really got a long great. I wish the break out sessions would have been more in dept spiritually, but I think we found times to be.  
Our room had a fireplace the girls thought it was great. We had quite a few laughs trying to get it started. Then we settled down and watched some Skit Guys for spiritual content.  
I have to say these girls are pretty amazing, they impressed me with their heart for hurting kids time and again this weekend.  
Did I mention we had some boys with us too? Thus the other chaperon. These guys are crazy and dealt well with four spazzy girls.
And I can say after this I am looking forward to the next retreat.
~ Cassi

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