Friday, October 4, 2013

Written Words

Fridays I fluctuate between Five Minute Fridays and InstaFriday. But we are all community here, right? They can be combined into one post.
So I write for Five minute, no edits, no re dos and at the end I will see if there are pictures from this week that match the words of this week.
Topic: Write
I don't consider myself a writer. Grammar, spelling, prose have never been something I have excelled at, but I am here writing.
I am a reader, the written word inspires me. So I draw them out in detail, giving vision to the words that have stirred my soul.
I long to sit on the shores and write. Write in words that inspire. Write in words that draw a picture of what I see, feel and need to say. But the words don't come.
My pencil finds the shapes to other's words. But still I try...
Trying to find words to match the pictures in my head, camera and drawings.
Words to match my heart
~ Cassi

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