Wednesday, October 30, 2013

What We Wore Wednesday

Years ago I tried to do the full bangs look and an hour afterwards I had them pulled back with bobbie pins. Since then I have been very hestitant to try them again. But I was looking for a change with this hair cut and I really didn't want to mess with the length. So I did the Zooey Deschanel bangs look...
And  I love them! I am not sure why I waited so long now.
And look at those pretty waves, I love my hairdresser friend, she makes my hair look so good.  
See even with the total "Mom" look outfit the bangs still look good. And I can't say enough how much I love! These Chaps pants $6, new with tags still on them. Love that store. 
I can't remember how I styled my hair up before bangs, they whole look is just better. And after two years I still love this owl scarf, thanks Mom! 
And Mouse can pull off the blazer and t-shirt look like no ones business. If she would let me I would dress her in some form of this look everyday. As it is I probably dress her in it once a week.

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~ Cassi
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