Monday, September 16, 2013

Last camping trip of the season

This weekend marked the end of our camping season for 2013. It's always bittersweet to pack up for the last time. We have learned to love our time camping so much, but the every other weekend that do makes it little time to get home projects done.
But being the last trip we made sure to make it a good one. This time we went with some friends of ours and their kids. We picked a very rustic campground which made for an interesting set up, which included Steve jack-knifing the trailer into our spot, while our friends held back trees and I guided Steve. Not sure the campground should include that in their camper sites.
Once settled we had a great time, relaxing and hiking.  
We managed to get in four caches the next day at a local park. The trail left much to be desired, thankfully our friends like to hike as much as we do.  
The girls loved the river, they take after their Moms. Lisa and I discussed how we both could live next to the river and never want to leave
We also got to sneak in some historical sites, which is Mouse's favorite thing to do. She loves seeing how people lived in the 1800's. Her dream job is to work at a site in costume.
I hope you ended your season out as well as we did.
~ Cassi

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