Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Canvas Review

When I decided to review a canvas print company Steve and I knew right away that we wanted to do a landscape picture from one of our camping trips. 
Easy Canvas gave us the option of a 16 x 20 to review, we were quite excited about it. A friend reviewed the company was a little disappointed in the softness of the print so I got a bit nervous about it. But I can say that the print turned out just great.
We took the above picture and turned it in to this.
We are quite happy with the look of the canvas in general. We haven't hung it up yet but we will it is going in our dining room.  
Here is an extreme closeness of the softness, I was talking about. But this is a pretty tight close up. From an average distance you can't tell but I could see how if this was a portrait it wouldn't maybe look as nice. I think it worked great for a landscape.  
 The canvas came out a bit bluer than the original picture but for this picture it worked just fine. We would definitely do it again. 

If would like to do a review email community@easycanvasprints.com and tell them I referred you.
Please review my disclosure page
~ Cassi

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