Tuesday, June 4, 2013

the Princess Cruise!

Last Weekend Mouse and I were asked to come aboard the Padelford Packet Boat Co. to review their Princess Cruise.
Well Mouse thought she may be a little old for the cruise so she wanted to bring along her neighbor friend, who is 4. Which was a great thought because Miss S is a princess fanatic! And I love spending time with Jess, her Mom.
So us girls got all dolled up for a ride down the Mississippi with the princesses.
The cruise states it's for ages 3-12. But I think 12 is pushing it. The cruise is pretty simplistic in nature. You have the princess's in not authentic costumes and no decoration. All things 12 (or 10) year olds will point out. But the 3 -6 year olds on the trip thought they were great! Miss S loved waving to the princesses then getting right up next to them.
The cruise lacked a bit in decor and snacks. I thought with a princess theme the boat would be decked out in pink crepe and balloons but a disco ball was the only addition. Again the little one didn't mind at all but the older one and us adults were wondering at it. The boat it's self is cool and historic, which my history lover Mouse thought was great.

Miss S had a blast at the dance party, I think if it was warmer that day Mouse would have liked it too. Mouse also loved looking at the scenery as we paddled down the river. Miss S also enjoyed the story time the princess's provided. This again showed it was much more set up for the younger ages.
But in all it was a fun trip with the girls and they each got something out of the trip.

I just want to say thank you to Capt. Tracy Shimek for giving us the opportunity to review the river boat cruises and the Princess Cruise.
~ Cassi
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