Monday, June 17, 2013

Cooking with Philly

I am not a big cream cheese user. I rarely have it. Not sure why I just never seem to make things using it. But when Kraft came out with these cooking cremes I have to say I was intriged. I first used one in making chicken enchiladas and it worked very well.
Then in one of my recent cooking magazines there was an add for the garlic cooking creme making pasta; which looked pretty good and used a lot of what I had on hand. 

In a skillet I sauteed some onions and sweet peppers until soft. I then added pre-cooked chicken till till was all warmed through. Next I added some tomatoes and let them cook until they split. 
Then I added the cooking creme, fresh spinach and basil. This cooked until bubbly. Then I added some penne pasta. 
A little salt and pepper finished it off. I have to say it was pretty garlicy tasting but not so much that you couldn't taste the other ingredients. I would definitely make it again. 
And no this post wasn't sponsored by Kraft or Philadelphia Cream Cheese. I just wanted to share it. 

~ Cassi

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