Wednesday, May 1, 2013

What I Wore Wednesday ~ Stitch Fix Box 1

I finally got off the wait list!! I received my first box from Stitch Fix. 
And boy was I surprise how well they did matching my style on the first box. What is Stitch Fix?
Stitch Fix is a personal stylist that sends a box of fun right to your house. 
I have been watching other bloggers talk about it for months now and thought it was a great way to change up my wardrobe. 
And they delivered. 
First top was a cream lace and black polk-a-dot tank top. 
I loved this top! But both Steve and I thought I already had quite a few tops like this one. 
The next one I took out was a blue wrap dress. This one I was surprised I liked as much as I did since I have never really tried before.  
I did decide a no on this one just because I didn't think I would wear it as much as what I decided on. 
This next dress was my absolute favorite! I love red and stripes and pockets! The material was so soft and comfortable.  
I could have worn this dress a lot but sadly the dress was a tad to big in the arms so it didn't quite lay right. So Sad!
The last clothing item I pulled out was the item I thought I would like the least. It was the right color I love navy. But I have never been a huge fan of sweater tanks. 
But once I felt this fabric it moved up the ranks in my likes, it was soo soft.  
What made me decide on this one? It really had to do with the style cards that come with each article of clothes. This one showed it as a tank top and then over a white button down. That sealed the deal for me I could make this a work and play shirt. I also loved the touch of green at the bottom. 

It also filled the need I am seeking with Stitch Fix, to push me out side of my comfort zone and get me to try different styles. 

They also send one accessory with each box. This one was this very delicate long silver change. It was very pretty but again I thought I already had enough silver chains. 

In all I am so glad I signed up for this company! It is the perfect way for me (who never gets to a mall) to see new styles and learn to embrace a new look.

Interested in Stitch Fix? Check them out here .

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~ Cassi

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