Wednesday, April 3, 2013

What We Wore Wednesday

Shades of orange or is it coral?? I am never sure what to call this color I keep buying. No matter the name I do love the color. To me it is one of the best year round colors, that is not black or white.
Sweater: To old I can't remember
Tank: New York & Co
Tank: Target
Jeans: Converse (Oh how I wish they still sold these at Target)
Boots: Bass Outlet
Then I step outside of my comfort zone with this shirt. It is brighter than the picture shows but still in the same orange/coral family. This shirt also has silver threads running through it. Even though it was brighter and glittery I loved the arrows and the saying so I just had to get it.
Shirt and Jeans: Target
Boots: Bass Outlet
Mouse got on the what color is this band wagon with my favorite owl shirt. Poor girl is stuck wearing owls because Mom loves them so much. She would much rather wear dogs or cats.
Owl Shirt: Old Children's Place
Skirt: JC Penny
Tights: Target
Leg Warmers: To old I can't remember
She did have thrifted brown boots on but again she refuses to wear shoes inside so she never gets pictured in them.
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