Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Mother / Daughter Letters

Thank you Pinterest for the great idea. The Pinterest pin talked about writing letters back and forth with your daughter. I just loved the idea to start a dialog with Mouse that we could continue through high school (or at least that is my hope). 
This weekend Mouse and I headed to Achiever's to pick out a journal. We wanted it to be a mix of letters and Smash Journal. This SNAP journal fit our needs perfectly. The journal comes as a three ring binder with journal pages, dividers and photo holders (kind of a Project Life/ Scrapbooking / Smash mix).
We couldn't just leave the cover blank now could we. Mouse picked out a packet of quotes for the book. I chose this one for the cover. Then we mod podged a vintage photo, lace and tag to the cover.  
I started off the book with a letter to Mouse. I started the journal as more of scrapbook page with a letter written on the white parts.  

I loved that I got to use this old picture of Mouse. She has always loved writing. We have notebooks, journals and scrap paper all over the house with her stories in it. So far we've written a few letters back and forth (she is a little excited right now). I hope as time goes on the length of time between letters will increase, while the thought involved in the letters increase. 

I also hope that this gives her a space to voice hopes, dreams and fears that she may not be able to say in person to me but feels more comfortable writing. 

~ Cassi

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