Monday, April 1, 2013

Keeping it Real Office Planning

We have mentioned our desire to finish off our office for awhile now. And in a while I mean since last fall! Yep not everything gets done in a quick timeline, it took us 4 years to finish the basement. So as we were finishing the basement the office became our storage area, then we never cleaned it back out.

But we have started, we have planned out the color.
Isn't it great! Steve actually picked it out the color.
To off set dark color, we are going to put in two walls of white bookshelves and seat bench. Similar to this
The room only has one window to get the most out of that light we are going to switch out the closet doors to white ones to reflect the light of the windows.
My hope to finish out the room is to add some of the pictures from Mouse's library photo shoot.

And then I would love two of these chairs and a small table between the two.
Or a really cool mid-century desk.

Which should we do? But right now it just looks like this, told ya keeping it real.

 ~ Cassi

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