Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Pinterest Inspiration Week ~ Day Two

My family has to be Pinterest crazy. We always checking the site for ideas, recipes and just for fun. So this week I am doing my Pinterest Inspired posts. These will be from various pins through out our Pinterest File.

Day Two brings us to what I use Pinterest the most for RECIPES! I am constantly looking through for new tried and true recipes.
I am always looking for German recipes since Steve is a huge fan of German food. Which means I was ecstatic when I saw this slow cooker Sauerbraten meal.

The meal was easy to put together following the recipe exactly. The only issue I had was that the meat dried out a lot. But I will blame that on we got held up run errands and let the meat cook for two hours longer than it should have. The sauce was perfect though, even with the crazy addition of ground ginger snaps.
I have to give Steve credit if it wasn't for him I don't think I would have realized how good German food is, especially Spetzel.

~ Cassi
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